21 Accents With Amy Walker

admin  —  November 7, 2016

21 Accents With Amy Walker

21 Accents With Amy Walker I came across this video one day and thought it was pretty cool when it comes to accents I haven’t heard anyone do such a variety of accents so well enjoy :-)

Foreign English Accent Vs English Fluency – Myths and Reality


Foreign English speakers would normally have a foreign accent at some degree, and it’s completely normal. Your native language’s phonetics have been so deeply imprinted in your mind and sound producing organs that it’s become your second nature. And even if you speak English with a near-native pronunciation, your native accent with most likely be still there, there’s nothing you can do about it. But should you?


It’s not uncommon for foreign English speakers to be ashamed and feel uncomfortable about their accents. There’s a widespread notion that to be successful you have to speak with an American English or British English pronunciation. This will allegedly insure more success in your professional and also social life, especially if you live in an English speaking country.

But how much truth is in it? And also – if you improve your English pronunciation does it necessarily guarantee that you’ll speak English better and more fluently? Many foreign English speakers who want to improve their English believe it to be true, and the accent reduction industry takes advantage of it.

While on certain occasions it might be necessary to reduce your foreign accent – for example, if you’re dreaming of working in an advertising or acting industries, for ordinary foreign English speakers it shouldn’t be the main focus.

You see – real English fluency has actually little to do with perfect English pronunciation. English fluency determines how naturally you can speak and how well you can make your point and get the message across to other people. It’s not about matching native English speakers at speed and pronunciation. There are many examples how foreigners can achieve great success despite distinct accents.

Take for example, actor Antonio Banderas. He speaks with a distinct Spanish accent, but despite that he speaks fluently and has become a successful actor staring in many Hollywood blockbusters!

Of course, you have to make effort and try to pronounce English words as close to the perfect pronunciation as possible. If you don’t do it at all, it will prevent successful communication and native English speakers as well as other foreigners will have difficulties understanding you. But as far as you do your best and get the English pronunciation more or less at a decent level, you’re fine!

Don’t invest too much time and effort in working on your foreign accent reduction as you may neglect other important aspects of English improving. Speaking with people and enjoying social life is the best way to get your speech going and you can always work on your small pronunciation imperfections while having real communication!

By the way – the more time you spend among other English speaking people, the better your pronunciation will naturally become. So the bottom line here is – do your best but don’t lose your head if you can’t get the ‘th’ and ‘r’ sounds the perfect English way. There are so many native English accents on the planet and many of them don’t even get those sounds like Americans or British.

Remember – your native background is not be ashamed of! As far as you can be easily understood there’s no need to spend countless hours on accent reduction and strive for perfection! Even if you sometimes face biased attitude towards your accent, intelligent English speakers will judge you by your merits rather than your foreign accent most of the times.


Want to improve spoken English the natural way? Now it can be done using unique technology that helps imprint natural English speech patterns in your memory! As a result you’ll be able to speak English easily and the words will come out of your mouth instinctively! The system has been created by me – Robby Kukurs – after I’ve spend years trying to improve spoken English the traditional way unsuccessfully.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robby_Kukurs

After watching the video on top I thought you may be inspired to start doing some accents too so I added a few videos with tips on how to do accents from Amy Walker as well :-)

Standard British Accent Tip of the Day – Amy Walker

Australian Accent Tip of the Day – Amy Walker

French Accent Tip of the Day – Amy Walker

Russian Accent Tip of the Day – Amy Walker

Italian Accent Tip of the Day – Amy Walker

How To do a Deep Southern Accent – Accent Tip – Amy Walker

Standard American English Accent Tutorial – Part 2: Consonants and Letter Combinations

Standard American English Accent Tutorial – Part 3: The Melody

Standard American English Accent Tutorial – Part 4: The Rhythm

Standard American English Accent Tutorial – Part 5: The Vibe

Standard American Accent – Bonus Video

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21 Accents With Amy Walker