Malaka Brothers Open A Kebab Shop In LA

admin  —  August 23, 2015

Malaka Brothers Open A Kebab Shop In LA


A short time ago we visited A recently opened restaurant and had a chat with the manager, His name is Guy Puglia, we wanted to know why anyone would name A restaurant Malaka, Malaka is a Greek word that is often picked up by tourists in Greece but its real translation in English means wanker.

This word is commonly used in Greek slang among friends, with its meaning varying depending on the tone and in what context it is used. It is an exclamation of pleasure, an expression of dark horror, a cry of anger, a paean of affection; and can have various other meanings too its literal equivalent based on the conversation and setting.

Make sure to see the video and the interview from our last visit to the Malaka Brothers Gyro shop on Venice’s famed boardwalk and see how “Malaka Brothers” became who they are today



Malaka Brothers Open A Kebab Shop In LA

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